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Fusion Eventz: Altering the Face of Events through Vendor Management System

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logo-1024x1024 Fusion Eventz: Altering the Face of Events through Vendor Management System

A perfect event is executed only if things are put flawlessly on the right place and at the right time. Here, vendors are a crucial element to guarantee success. From flowers to sound and food, almost everything depends on the accessibility of the respective vending teams that walk hand-in-hand with the event organizers. Getting hold of the right vendor at the right time is challenging for event organizers. Amid the difficulties, it is more essential to screen the genuineness of vendors that you want to collaborate with. The act is made simple and more viable with the Vendor Management System (VMS) – an integrated online application that manages staffing services and screen vendors, from Fusion Eventz.

Bangalore based Fusion Eventz specialises in corporate events along with Private parties and wedding planning, Sports Events. Amid jillion stories of excellence, in a recent two-day event for Altran Technologies, where Fusion was able to execute every detail in the theme, eventually earned special letter of appreciation from the Chief Wing Commander of Knights, Indian Air force.

Bagging over a decade of experience in the event management industry, and passionate about events, Niranjan SS founded Fusion Eventz Ind in 2007. This enthusiastic first generation entrepreneur from Coorg along with two other members conquered the event industry by storm. With a strong and creative team at the back, Niranjan has led numerous success stories to cherish for.

Fusion Eventz Provides end to end management services which include concerts awards ceremonies fashion shows conference , marketing event branding and many more
Providing End-to-End Management Services
Fusion Eventz provides end-to-end management services which include concerts, award ceremonies, fashion shows, conference, marketing events, branding and many more. While most of the event companies put their own ideas on the table, and sometimes feed them forcefully, Fusion expertise in turning client’s idea into reality with a much bigger picture. On this context, Niranjan explains, “All we have is creative mind and expertise to handle events. We have solutions for the concept given by our customers and we turn their dream into reality. We create experience for our customers and not just an event”.

Voyaging with just three people on board, Fusion has grown to an 18-member team. Accomplishing each and every event at unique creative standard, Fusion has worked with corporate giants like TCL, HP, ALTRAN, EMULEX, SWASTI-WALLMART FOUNDATION, PENTAUR, RGBSI, SUNQUEST, Gartner, Sobha Developers, Ingersoll Rand India Limited and many more to double the revenue every year. Like other event management companies, this Bangalore based company has specific criteria for refund policy. In natural calamities and sudden withdrawal from the events, Fusion refunds the booking amount with a percentage of deduction.

Niranjan also manages a parallel party supply Retail company named in Bangalore, Mysore and Chennai. With an Physical/online store, Partyshikari supplies all party-decoration items, cakes and stuffs on rental for all the events.

Strengthening Arsenal
In the ever increasing trend of event management genre, Fusion is a prominent name. With a sturdy team at the back, this young company plans to have a team of 90 by the end of 2018. Through operations focused in Bangalore, Fusion has expanded its reach to Chennai and will set its foot in Pune in the next three months. Fusion wants to grow a strong team to be a stabilized company in the global event management industry. With a numerous success story and a dedicated process driven work culture, Fusion Eventz is shining bright in the event industry.

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